Mattress Types

Use This Handy Mattress Type Guide from Mel’s for Every Sleep Need and Budget!

When you discover the vast selection available to the average person at our Atlantic City, NJ mattress store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Maybe you’re starting out on your own or this is otherwise your first time buying a new mattress for yourself or a family member. We at Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding totally understand. Not only do we present you with the ultimate mattress deals in South Jersey, backed by our unique price match guarantee as well as awesome mattress sale coupons you can apply to your purchase from us. You also have our accumulated years of expertise on which mattress materials and construction work best for types of sleepers, such as whether you lie on your back, stomach or side. Your king or queen mattress is an investment not only in your immediate comfort but your long-term health. So without further ado, here is Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding’s handy mattress type guide to help take the guesswork out of shopping for these sleep solutions.

Low-Cost Traditional Innerspring Mattresses for Firmness

Around for over a century, classic innerspring mattresses from twin to Cal king size are our affordable entry-level mattress and a longtime favorite among our regular customers. These utilize high-gauge steel coils to do the lifting for you, holding up your sleeping body so your muscles get some well-deserved time off. Sometimes the springs are wrapped in latex or foam for some reinforcement. You may choose traditional, durable coils or, for a little more money, hourglass-shaped springs. These mattresses are for you when you like to feel a bit of bounce from your bed. Our assortment of innerspring mattresses come in varying firmnesses such as soft for side sleepers or extra firm for stomach and back sleepers. While very affordable, our innerspring mattresses need to be replaced more often than our advanced models.

Memory Foam Mattresses for Softness and Support

The success story of memory foam mattresses, now about 20% of mattresses nationwide, starts with America’s space program, inventing material soft but tough enough for our astronauts when splashing down for a landing. Turns out this miracle foam from the lab also works awesome for mattress deals when you’re shopping on a budget. Our selection of pure memory foam mattresses don’t use steel springs. They consist of layers of foam including a firm foam base. Meanwhile on the surface you get a layer that shapes itself to your body’s curves for soft comfort. But because of these foam mattresses’ underlying firmness, they’re a great moneysaving solution for side sleepers. They’re also a benefit for those with painful body conditions thanks to their superior surface support. You get a choice of foams, such as gel-infused for heat control, or polyfoam. One of our memory foam mattresses will last longer than our innerspring mattresses but it costs just a bit more.

The Best of Both: Awesome Hybrid Mattresses for Less from Us!

The great news is if you have just a little cash, with our hybrid mattresses you don’t have to choose between strong steel coils and firm but supportive foam. These wonders of the mattress world combine these into one powerhouse, best-selling sleep solution for our AC customers. You get pocketed steel springs, the best in the industry, plus firm layers of support foam and a couple of inches of soft memory foam on top. These mattresses are champs at relieving pressure points while being super firm at heart, making them ideal for back sleepers’ spinal alignment. They have a softer touch than pure innerspring mattresses without the “sinking” feeling of pure foam. These are our high-end mattresses much in demand, so they cost the most but remain an incredible mattress deal every time only when you shop Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding!

When you need an upgrade pronto, the mattress deals at Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding are always here for you!