Mattress Care and Maintenance

Our Mattress Store’s Tips on Care and Maintenance

You’ve put a lot of thought into your choice of mattress. Plus you’re making the right decision by purchasing it here from Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding, the area’s premier mattress store for selection and bargains. Save even more on our phenomenal mattress deals by printing one of our many discount coupons, according to the size of mattress you need right now, and presenting it in-store at the time of your purchase. Over the years our Atlantic City, NJ mattress store has learned the industry inside out, which is how we offer you the guaranteed lowest price for your sleep solutions. We’ve also learned how best to care for and maintain your new mattress so it serves you well throughout its decade of service life. Here we’d like to share five quick tips with you!

Make Sure You Have Proper Mattress Support

Let’s start with the best way to hold up your new queen or king mattress. Some mattresses may still require box springs but many of our modern designs, such as our memory-foam mattresses, don’t. Still, be sure that your mattress as at least adequate support below it. If your bed has a frame, double check to ensure that it can support both your (and your partner’s) weight and that of the mattress. If you are sharing a queen or king bed, that frame needed to be reinforced with sturdy center support bars. Also, if you opt for a platform bed that has wide slats, you may need extra support to get the most out of your new gel hybrid mattress. Inspect your bed and mattress at least once a year to make sure you’re getting enough support. Look for broken slats and springs that may compromise your mattress’s effectiveness.

Keep It Clean with a Mattress Protector

A worthwhile investment, and low-cost, for your new purchase is to add a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard against accidents and spills. Not only that, but the right mattress protector also cuts down on the dust, dirt and debris that gets on your bed, no matter how tidy you are otherwise.

Keep Pets Off Your King or Queen Mattress

We at Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding love our dogs and cats as much as you do yours. But sharing your twin or full mattresses with your furry friends adds wear and makes these sleep solutions less efficient. Best to give Fido and Fluffy their very own cushion beds in the room. Even the best trained animal can inadvertently wreck the best king or queen mattress with a urinary “accident.”

Mom Was Right: Don’t Jump On Your Mattress!

Common sense says not to jump on your hybrid or innerspring mattress. That is correct. Not only can jumping kids wreck carefully calibrated steel coils built to fully support a sleeper such as yourself. Even the best, most resilient foams will break down faster because of this abuse. Get a trampoline in the back yard for the kiddies!

Yes, Vacuum Your Mattress

Your awesome new motion-lessening mattress comes with cleaning instructions from the manufacturer for stain removal. If there is a stain, remember not to use harsh chemical cleaners as they will destroy your mattress’s foam! But it’s easy to stay on top of regular cleaning of your mattress with your vacuum’s hose attachment. Do this every 1 to 3 months.

Enjoy your purchases from our mattress sale for the next 8-10 years. Then when it’s time to replace your mattresses, literally nobody beats Mel’s Furniture Factory Direct Bedding. We match prices.