Velika Bed

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Natural Goodness and Superior Support – Velika, Mel's Best Bed Mattresses!

When other sleep solutions have failed you, take your mattress selection to the next level with our phenomenal Velika, the Great Bed collection of premium mattresses, available at Mel's Furniture Factory Direct Bedding at virtually unbeatable prices. These hand-tufted two-sided luxury mattresses, made right here in North Brunswick, have become a runaway best-seller at our Atlantic City, NJ mattress store. You'll understand why once you've stopped by and experienced the difference for yourself! According to Velika, The Great Bed, is the most comfortable bed you'll ever own. Upgrade on the cheap with our never-ending mattress sale, where we match prices!

Unrivaled Velika Mattress Design for Crucial Body Support

We offer Velika, The Great Bed mattresses in twin XL, queen, and king sizes so that anyone can enjoy this sleep solution for possibly the best sleep in years! This high-end mattress, which has a medium firmness, is especially recommended for difficult-to-please side sleepers, including many women. When you sleep on your side, the shoulder on which you are lying bears 2.3 times your weight! That's why you need the firm but forgiving Velika, The Great Bed mattress for unyielding support as well as incredible comfort. These, like many high-end mattresses, rely on pocketed steel coils to do the heavy lifting, taking the place of your aching muscles. Velika, The Great Bed mattresses, on the other hand, cover these in layers of unique cotton and latex support foam. Have you ever been bothered by sagging when you sit on the edge? Velika, The Great Bed mattresses' patented LifeEdge coil unit of smaller Quantum coils, solved the problem. Finally, the changeable duvet top of this lovely mattress, a cotton-latex blend, keeps your sleeping surface cool so you can sleep soundly. It's two-sided, like the mattress, with one side firm and the other plush.

Velika Mattresses' Natural Materials Make You Feel Good and Help the Environment

You will not only save a lot of money on your Velika, The Great Bed mattress at Mel's Furniture Factory Direct Bedding because of our amazing mattress deals. You'll also sleep better knowing you're helping an environmentally friendly company. Each Velika, The Great Bed mattress we sell contains three pure, all-natural materials that work together to provide you with the rest you deserve.
First, there's genuine New Zealand wool, softened slightly by white jasmine. This coveted natural fiber material provides complete body comfort due to its perfect airflow/breathability, and it also reduces humidity due to its celebrated moisture-wicking, so if you've been overheated in bed, this is your solution. Second, all of our Velika, The Great Bed products are made of pure cotton, another natural thermal barrier that keeps you from being trapped in a hotbed. Finally, there's Talalay Latex, a sustainable product derived from rubber trees. It not only extends the life of your Velika, The Great Bed mattress. It's also anti-microbial and keeps dust mites at bay!

"Velika" is Slavic for "great," and we think you'll agree in any language that our Velika, The Great Bed mattresses are fantastic.